If you don't see a product you'd like or have any questions about sizing, crops, or product types, please feel free to contact me. 

Any questions at all really....

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Thank you for visiting, I hope you're enjoying the galleries. 

All of the photos you see on the site can be purchased. 

There are currently two types of products available: Paper Printsand Wall Art

Here's a list of mediums and suggestions:

Paper Prints

There are two types of paper prints: lustre and metallic.

1. Lustre: my favorite paper, it looks good at any size and works well with all images, and I personally prefer the more matte look for prints. 

2. Metallic: a beautiful, vibrant, more glossy finish than lustre. Makes blacks look rich and colors vibrant. Less expensive than metal prints and a good option if like the metallic look but want a framed/matted print (see finishing options). 

Wall Art

There are two types of wall art: canvas and metal prints, that come in five types of mounts. Stretched, traditional, and flat for canvas;and metal or acrylic metal.

1. Canvas: another favorite of mine, I prefer traditional canvas (also known as wrapped canvas). Whether stretched, traditional, or flat mounted, canvas looks great at larger sizes and looks beautiful anywhere, especially in bright light. Canvas works really well for noisier images like night shots and long exposures, and the texture looks great. Just choose your preferred form of mounting. 
Note: the traditional canvas will have part if the image wrapped around the edge of the mount. This portion is shown during the crop selection stage. 

2. Metal: ink is infused directly into a sheet of aluminum and looks absolutely stunning with almost any image. Vibrant colors, rich blacks, looks closet to what you see on a high-resolution computer screen. A very high-end product that will last a very long time. Sensor noise will show up more clearly on a metal print than on paper or canvas, so I would be less likely to recommend this medium on night and long-exposure images, unless of course you like the "grainy" look. 
Note: metal prints have a very reflective finish. Displaying them in very brightly lit areas, such as rooms or walls with direct sunlight is not recommended for the best viewing experience. 

3. Acrylic Metal: same beautiful metal print, with high-quality acrylic mounted on the front for greater protection. 

For more information on each product, simply click the thumbnail next to each individual product. 

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If you'd like a ready-to-hang, excellently finished piece of wall art, go to finishing options in your shopping cart and select from a number of professionally done frames and mattes. 

Note: finishing options are only available on paper prints and with certain sizes. 

There are also mounting and texture options. 

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Note: I do not make any profit on the finishing options. These are simply there for you to have the option of a totally finished and ready-to-hang piece of art. 

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